AG-ROYAL 30 capsules


Japanese Health Supplement for those who want to stay healthy by taking Asaigermaniumâ„¢ (Organic Germanium).



Product name: AG Royal
Ingredients: Organic germanium (Made in Japan), HPMC, Calcium carbonate, Coloring (Titanium dioxide).
Content: Asaigermanium (Organic germanium) 250mg per capsule.
NET WT: 8.85g(weight per capsule 295mg x 30 capsules)
Usage: To maintain good health, take 1 to 3 capsule(s) daily with water or drink.
Country of manufacture: Made in Japan

Supplement containing Asaigermanium (Organic germanium).
100% “Asaigermanium” manufactured by Asai Germanium Research Institute.
The safety of Asaigermanium is repeatedly confirmed.
For those who want to maintain current health and stay healthy.
Ideal for people who take Halal only (vegetable source capsules).

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