Asai Germa 80


Asai Germanium containing supplement (Organic Germanium).
With Raffinose, a naturally occurring oligosaccharide.
Chewable type recommended also for children.



Product name: Asai Germa 80
Ingredients: Organic germanium, Raffinose, Maltitol.
Contain: Asai-Germanium 83mg per tablet.
Packing: 37.5g (250mg x Approx.150 tablets).
Usage: To maintain good health, take 2 to 10 tablets daily with water or a drink.
Country of origin: Made in Japan

Chewable type Asai-Germanium Supplement (Organic Germanium).
Raffinose is a naturally occurring oligosaccharide.
Raffinose + Asai-Germanium = Helps your intestinal environment.
Recommended also for children.

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