Bisoku Ouendan


Japanese citrus fruit flavored tablet containing Asaigermanium® (Organic Germanium GE-132) to refresh your breath, gum health, and tooth care.


Product name: Bisoku Ouendan (Breath Tablet)
Ingredients: Maltitol (Made in Japan), Organic germanium GE-132 /
Sweetener (Xylitol, Sorbitol), Citric acid, Calcium stearate, Flavoring, Fine–grained silicon dioxide.
Content: Asaigermanium (Organic germanium GE-132) 126mg Per Pack.
NET WT: 12.6g (weight per tablet 140mg×90 tablets)
Usage: Take 1 to 10 tablet(s) daily.
Country of manufacture: Made in Japan

Breath freshener containing Asaigermanium (Organic germanium GE-132)
Japanese citrus fruit (seeker) flavored tablet.
Recommended for those who prefer fruity flavor instead of strong mint.

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The key of a beautiful breath is 3 special ingredients.

It is a chewable type delicious supplement and resealable bag which is easy to carry. The fresh shikuwasa flavor is liked for refresh and etiquette.

Recommended for…

People who care about oral health People who want to refresh after eating People who want to take oral care deliciously

The secret of the scents of Shikuwasa (Okinawan citrus fruit)

The fresh scents of Shikuwasa helps you relaxe and refresh. Flavor of Shikuwasa makes you feel calm when you get nervous and irritated. Let’s enjoy your work and private life by filling your mouth with the fresh flavor.

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