Bisoku Ouendan (Breath Tablet)


Japanese citrus fruit flavored tablet containing Asai Germanium (Oragnic Germanium) to refresh your breath.



Product name: Bisoku Ouendan (Breath Tablet)
Ingredients: Maltitol syrup, Organic germanium /
Sweetener(Xylitol, Sorbitol), Citric acid, Calcium stearate, Flavoring, Granular silicon dioxide.
Contain: Asai-Germanium 54mg Per Pack.
Packing: 90 tablets.
Usage: Take 1 to 10 tablet(s) daily.
Country of origin: Made in Japan

Asai-Germanium(Organic Germanium) containing breath freshener.
Japanese citrus fruit(shikuwasa) flavored tablet.
Recommended for those who prefer fruity flavor instead of strong mint.

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