Asai Germanium containing supplement (Organic Germanium).
Yogurt flavored tablets recommended for all ages.



Product name: harmo
Ingredients: Organic germanium, Lactic acid bacteria(plant/animal based), Lactosucrose, Fermented milk powder, Reduced lactose, Trehalose, Aspartame, Sucralose (contains dairy ingredients).
Contain: per one tablet
Asai-Germanium 12mg
Lactic acid bacteria 45 million+ (at time of manufacture)
Oligosaccharide 100mg
Packing: 60g (400mg x Approx.150 tablets)
Usage: To maintain good health, take 2 to 5 tablets daily.
Country of origin: Made in Japan

Asai Germanium Supplement (Organic Germanium).
Recommended if you have worries of constipation and stomach conditions, itchy nose, and skin problems due to turn of season.
Yogurt flavored tablets also recommended for children.

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