Asai Germanium Health Care Products Q&A

It has been reported by many universities and research institutions that Asaigermanium enters the body and acts in various ways inside and outside the body.
Asaigermanium is excreted outside the body without changing its shape, so there is no concern that it will accumulate in the body.

In Japan, only medicines are allow to use word "cure for disease". Since Asaigermanium is not registered as a medicine, we are not allow to answer this question.

Since brain tissue contains the highest amounts of plasmalogens, it is not surprising that reduced brain plasmalogens can be demonstrated in various neurodegenerative disorders. In addition, the relationship among Alzheimer disease, memory loss and plasmalogen deficiency has been extensively studied. However in Japan, only medicines are allow to use word "cure for disease". Since "Plasmalogen Ge" is not registered as a medicine, we cannot answer this question.

Previous studies have shown that Asaigermanium promotes the breakdown of aging RBCs and the production of young RBCs. Because young red blood cells are soft, they can easily pass through capillaries. Therefore, it is possible to carry substances necessary for the body such as oxygen to every corner of the body.

Since Asaigermanium is not a medicine, you can take it at any time of the day or night.

Many people have used Asaigermanium for more than 40 years, and it seems that many people use it together with their medication, but we have not received any reports of problems.
However, the following people, please use products other than the “New bell cycle”. Those who are taking warfarin. Those in early pregnancy. Children under 6 years old.

Mild diarrhea has been reported due to overdose and heavy intake of Asaigermanium(Asai Germanium). However, no major issues have been reported.

In Japan, only medicines are allow to use word "pain-killer". Since Asaigermanium(Asaigermanium) is not registered as a medicine, we are unable to answer this question.

Since, Asaigermanium is not a medicine, pregnant women can take it orally.
However, if you are in the early stages of pregnancy, please use products other than the “New bell cycle”.

The Asaigermanium products are different in content and shape.
These products can be recommended for anyone from children to the elderly, to all those who want to maintain good health.
In addition, the Mediate series combines functional materials with Asaigermanium.
Depending on your daily lifestyle and health condition, please choose one or a combination that fits your requirements.
For more details, please contact the Customer Service by click here.

We recommend that you keep the daily dose. However the standard daily dose is based on a typical adult, so you may take a larger amount dose depending on your physical requirements.

Swallowing as a whole or chewing cause very minor difference in the amount absorbed in the body.
Either way, tablets and capsules melt in the stomach and absorbed in the intestine, so if you don't mind the taste, you can either swallow or chew.
But since "New belle cycle" and "Asai Germa f" have unique flavors, some people prefer to take them without chewing.

Asaigermanium has a sour taste because it has a carboxyl group in its structure.
Acetic acid and citric acid, which are well known for their good health, are organic acids that also have carboxyl group in their structure.
"Harmo" (yogurt taste) is one of the less sour Asaigermanium products.

Yes, you can use it for your pet's health.
Mix Asaigermanium (AG ROYAL) with your pet's favorite food, put directly into the mouth, or give by dissolving it in drinking water.

Yes, you can give to your child.
We recommend "Asai Germa 80" that contain Raffinose(a naturally occurring oligosaccharide) which helps maintain intestinal movement.
Since, Asai-Germanium is not a medicine people of all ages from infant to old age can use it.
However, children under the age of 6 should use products other than the “New bell cycle”.

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