Asai Germanium Skin Care Products Q&A

Asaigermanium (Repagermanium) is expected to help regain the skin's original functions and condition the skin in a healthy manner.
It is a cosmetic ingredient that has recently been spotlighted and has been confirmed to be safe by patch tests.
(Asaigermanium is an organic germanium manufactured by Asai Germanium Research Institute Co., Ltd., and is displayed as a cosmetic ingredient under a different name, Repagermanium (skin conditioning agent).) It has been studied that the Asaigermanium contained in Mizuki Care & Rich cream has many effects such as anti-inflammatory effect.

If you experience any abnormalities on your skin after use, please stop using and consult a doctor.

In Japan, only medicines are allowed to say "cure for disease". Since Asaigermanium is not registered as a medicine, we are not allowed to answer this question.

In Japan, only medicines are allowed to use the word "cure" or "remove burn spots". Since Asaigermanium cream is not registered as medicine, we are unable to answer this question.

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